Ascent Health, Inc.

Ascent Health, Inc.


Mental Health Counseling

About Us

What started as a small non-profit in 2012, Ascent Health, Inc. (then Wraparound) has focused on influencing the community for good, and working with children and families in hopes of making a difference. Since then, we’ve continued to expand and grow by simply loving people and doing what we say we’re going to do. We currently work with youths ages 5-21 years of age.

Here at Ascent, we believe everyone has been empowered with unique gifts and responsibilities. We believe every story matters. We help people find success in life and strive to elevate people from where they are today to where they can be tomorrow. By joining with others, lasting change and success can happen. We strive to be an organization that continues to see the light within others. We all need people in our community to surround us when our weaknesses seem to overcome. It is our desire to help people find hope and strength in the journey.


Ascent Ribbon Cutting (January 23, 2018)